Black Chip Poker VIP Program

Player Loyalty and Rewards Benefits

VIP ProgramThe VIP Program at Black Chip Poker is known as “Elite Benefits” and is very generous in terms of rewarding loyal players who rack up “Player Points.” That being said, newcomers to the poker site may find it all a bit confusing at first because your status level is based on “Benefit Points,” which are used only to determine your rank, while Player Points are redeemed for valuable rewards.

Black Chip ranks players in various tiers according to how many “Benefits Points” are earned each month, and also each year for the hardcore grinders who make it to the top two levels. Here are the tiers from lowest to highest and the amount of monthly and yearly Benefit Points required for each level:

Monthly Player Levels

Level Monthly BPs Required PPs per BPs
ROUNDER 750 1.5
GRINDER 3,000 2
VETERAN 7,500 2.5

Yearly Player Levels

VIP Level Yearly BPs RequiredPPs per BP
LEGEND 100,000 3.5
ICON 1,000,000 5

As you can plainly see, all new depositors at Black Chip start off in the “Player” tier and move up to “Rounder” after accumulating 750 Benefit Points per month, “Grinder” upon reaching 3,000 Benefit Points, and so forth. The “Legend” and “Icon” levels are yearly totals.

While both Benefit Points and Player Points accrue simultaneously simply by playing poker at Black Chip, the totals accumulated may be different due to the multiple Player Points awarded according to the rank or level attained in the VIP program.

Take a look at the chart below, which shows the number of Player Points earned at each level by multiplying the Benefit Points according to the rank or status of each player. Also detailed are the increasing rewards available at each level.

Benefits Summary Player Rounder Grinder Veteran Legend Icon
Player Point Multiplier 1 1.5 2 2.5 3.5 5
$10,000 cash available for purchase X
Legendary Bonuses Access X X
$1,500 & $4,000 cash available for purchase X X
Annual Status X X
$600 cash available for purchase X X X
$300 cash available for purchase X X X X
$50 cash available for purchase X X X X X
Achievement Rewards X X X X X X
Site Freerolls X X X X X X
Enrolled X X X X X X
Points Earned in Weighted Contributed Rake X X X X X X

Your status is calculated according to the Benefit Points earned in the previous calendar month. Once you earn 750 Benefit Points in a month and move up to Rounder, your Player Points will be 1.5 times the Benefit Points, or 1,125. Player Points are redeemed in the Black Chip online store either as cash that gets credited directly to your account, or you can purchase tournament tickets.

The choice is entirely yours on when and how to redeem your Player Points. It’s worth pointing out that buying tournament tickets offers a better value dollar-wise than grabbing the cold, hard cash. But if you don’t finish in-the-money with your acquired tournament tickets, then it won’t pay off in the long run. Of course, you can also make a big score in the tournament and then it will pay off immensely! Poker is a gamble and you already know that. What’s cool is being able to make the choice yourself regarding cash or tourney tickets.

Points Earned Via Weighted Contributed Method

At Black Chip Poker and most other sites throughout the industry, the point distribution method of the loyalty program follows the “weighted contributed method.” That means that players at BCP earn points according to the amount of rake that each contributed to the pot.

The rate at which points are earned is 5.5 Benefit Points for every dollar paid in rake, either cash games or tournaments. For example, an event with a $5.00 + $0.50 buy-in is worth 2.75 Benefit Points, as the calculation is based upon the 50 cents fee or rake that is collected by Black Chip Poker. In ring games, it’s the same rate, with players who play more hands to showdown likely to earn more Benefit Points due to typically more rake collected as the hand progresses.

To be honest, the VIP program leans in favor of cash game players, as it’s easier to accrue points at the cash tables than the tournament and SitNGo tables. However, tournament players might argue that they have the better deal considering the guaranteed prize pools available on the MTT tables. Some of the guarantees are quite hefty, including $1 million GTD prizes that the Winning Poker Network is well known for. There are also leaderboard races and other promos that tourney players can take advantage of.

Benefit Points Accrue Immediately

Once you create an account using the Black Chip Poker bonus code “CHIPPED”, you’re immediately enrolled under “Player” status and will collect Benefit Points upon hitting the tables. Those points begin adding up fast – which means money in your pocket – and you will also earn the 100% deposit bonus in conjunction with the points accrued toward the rewards program.

That’s like earning two bonuses at the same time, which is quite generous and unlike many other poker sites out there that require the deposit bonus to be cleared first before the loyalty program kicks in. And don’t forget, you decide when to cash in your Player Points, with the option to do so once the minimum required is reached, or perhaps holding on for a while until the rewards attain more value as your status in Elite Benefits climbs.

Monthly and Yearly Point Counters

It’s worth noting that Benefit Points are reset on the 1st of each month (and the 1st of the year). In order to maintain the status level achieved the previous month, the threshold for that particular tier or level must be met again. Playing consistently every month is the key to retaining your status level and earning the Player Points multipliers.

Should you happen to not retain your status of the month before, the Player Points earned for the current month will still fall in line with the status level you were ranked in to begin the month. Also, don’t be alarmed when you see your Benefit Points reset to zero at the beginning of the month. Your Player Points will still be intact and will only expire if you fail to earn a single Player Point within a calendar year.

Achievement Rewards

In addition to the rewards and bonuses available via the first-time Deposit Bonus and by accumulating Player Points, Black Chip Poker players also receive cash rewards at various Benefit Points thresholds on their way up the Elite Benefits ladder.

The Achievement Rewards are based on yearly Benefit Point tallies and the cash rewards get larger along the way. For instance, players receive $10 upon reaching 750 Benefit Points and another $10 at 1,500. There are three more $10 reward thresholds before the rewards jump to $50 – and then $100, and $200 for players who really rack up the BPs. Take a look at the cash bonuses available via Achievement Rewards.

BPs Per Year Achievement Reward
750 $10
1,500 $10
2,250 $10
3,000 $10
4,000 $10
5,000 $50
10,000 $50
15,000 $50
20,000 $50
25,000 $50
30,000 $50
35,000 $50
40,000 $50
45,000 $50
50,000 $100
60,000 $100
70,000 $100
80,000 $100
90,000 $100
100,000 $200

The Black Chip poker rewards program provides tons of value and is most beneficial to players who grind away at the tables for many hours and those who play for higher stakes. That’s not to say that recreational and casual players don’t get a fair shake, because they certainly do with an awesome 100% Deposit Bonus, rewards of cash and/or tournament tickets for redeeming Player Points, and Achievement Rewards that get more lucrative with every point earned.