Next Cage Live Event Set for August

The Cage Live

The $5M GTD Venom and the current OSS Cub3d series have been awesome, but keep in mind that another exciting Cage Live event is just around the corner.

Cage Live is a cash game and tournament hybrid of sorts as players begin with a starting chip stack of 5,000 and play for a combined 12 hours over two days. Whatever chips remain in front of players when the action concludes are cashed out at a $1 per 1 chip ratio, with the money dutifully credited into their Americas Cardroom or Black Chip Poker accounts.

Just like a tournament, blinds increase over the course of the contest. Players aren’t permitted to register late or re-buy. Once you’re in the Cage, you’re in there for the duration, unless you happen to lose all your chips before the game ends.

The Cage Live is an Americas Cardroom creation that takes place six times a year in sunny Costa Rica at the Taormina Casino and Hotel in San Jose. The Winning Poker Network and flagship sites Americas Cardroom and Black Chip Poker make their headquarters in Costa Rica.

Cage Live PLO Games Coming

The upcoming Cage Live is scheduled for August 9-12 and marks the fourth running of the event this year. It also will be the last event of 2019 that will be played as No Limit Texas Hold’em, as the last two Cage Live games are scheduled to run as Pot Limit Omaha. The PLO Cage Live action will go down October 4-7 and December 6-9.

The buy-in for the Cage Live is $5,000 + $250 and players do buy-in directly with cash, but an increasingly popular entry route is the $55 Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live satellite that takes place every Sunday at 6:00 p.m. ET. The satellite offers two guaranteed prize packages every week that are each valued at $8,340.

Here’s what winners of the $8,340 prize package will get:

  • $5,250 Cage Live buy-in
  • $800 for airfare
  • $1,000 in walking around money
  • $340 for side tournaments and cash games
  • Three nights at the splendid Taormina Casino and Hotel
  • Airport transportation to and from the hotel

In addition to the opportunity to win an $8,340 prize package in the Sunday evening $55 Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live satellite, players can also earn a ticket to that satellite by landing among the top players in The Beast and Sit & Crush leaderboards.

More Cage Live Info

The Cage Live is structured as a 2-day event. Each player begins with a starting chip stack of 5,000 and play consists of 6 hours each day, with two daily 3-hour blind levels interrupted by a much needed half-hour break between levels.

The blinds on Day 1, Level 1 are $10/$20 with a $5 ante, followed after the break by $25/$50 blinds with $5 ante on Level 2. Day 2, Level 3 gets underway with $40/$80 blinds and a $10 ante, with surviving players returning after the break to the final Level 4 under $50/$100 blinds and a $10 ante.

The Cage Live follows the Button Ante Format, meaning that all antes are posted by the player on the button each and every hand. This format has become popular as of late, negating the need to wait for every player at the table to post an ante.

Double Buy Option

While I’ve already mentioned that there are no re-entries or re-buys for Cage Live contests, Americas Cardroom has introduced a Double Buy Option for those players who feel more comfortable with an extra bullet in their arsenal.

There are requirements attached to the Double Buy Option, the main one being that a $5K chip must be purchased before the Cage Live begins at the regular buy-in price of $5,000 + $250. Players who Double Buy are permitted to put their additional 5,000 in tournament chips into play whenever so desired, except in the middle of a hand.

The 5K Double Buy bullet doesn’t have to be used and can simply sit among your chip stack while you increase your chip count with your initial starting stack, with the option to get a full $5,250 refund when the Cage Live is over. However, if you do choose to Double Buy and happen to bust while the event is still in progress, you MUST put the extra 5,000 chips into play.

Players who prefer a big stack find the Double Buy Option very useful. Plus, you have the added security of extra chips if things don’t go too well at the tables during the first few hours of play.

Party Time

A typical Cage Live weekend includes dinner at the Taormina Hotel on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. local time. Players are invited to visit WPN headquarters the following morning at 10:00 a.m.

There will also be plenty of entertainment including live music at the hotel bar in the evenings, allowing for a taste of Costa Rican nightlife and perhaps some wild partying. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without also having some fun in the sun and on the beach, so make sure to set aside some time for that as well.

Pick Your Cage Live Event

Players are reminded that winners of the $55 Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live satellite held every Sunday can choose the Cage Live event they’d like to attend. It doesn’t have to be the next one scheduled.

For instance, satellite winners from December thru September have a full seven months or 3 scheduled Cage Live events to choose from before the $8,340 prize package expires. Satellite winners in October and November have an entire year to decide which Cage Live to play in.

Will you be the next Cage Live Satellite winner? If you’ve yet to play at Black Chip Poker or Americas Cardroom, a 100% up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus awaits you. That bonus is doubled to 200% up to $1,000 if you deposit using any of more than 60 cryptocurrencies.

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